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Sienna X Spray Tan

Sienna X Spray Tan:
Sienna X Full Body Spray Tan £20 (30 mins)
Sienna X Half Body Spray Tan £15 (20 mins)

Why not host your Ultimate Sienna X Spray Tan Party for only £15 per guest.(Minimum 6 guests at one location)

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minimum 6 in a party at one location.

Sienna X Spray Tan will last approximately 5 to 7 days depending on your daily skincare regime, lifestyle and if you have exfoliated well prior to your tan.

Sienna X body samples can be purchased when having your Spray Tan.

Before your Sienna X Spray Tan
• Exfoliate regularly especially the night before your Sienna X Spray Tan, pay particular attention to knees, elbows and any dry areas.
• Paint nails and toenails, especially if you have acrylics on or similar to avoid nail staining.
• Advise NOT to have any other beauty treatments 24/48 hours prior to your Sienna X Spray Tan.
• DO NOT moisturise or use deodorant and perfume before your tan as they can act as a barrier.
• Wear/bring loose dark clothing and flip flops or loose fitting shoes. Tight clothes will cause your Sienna X Spray tan to rub off during the development stage.
• Remove all jewellery.

After your Sienna X Spray Tan
• Leave the Sienna X Spray Tan on at least 8-10 hours, then shower until the guide colour runs clear and gently pat the skin dry.
• Avoid excessive exercise, perspiring or getting wet during your development time.
• Long baths or going swimming will fade your development Spray Tan quicker.
• Moisturise daily to enhance your Sienna X Spray Tan and prolong your colour.
• Hands and face may fade sooner.
• Exfoliate after 4-5 days to encourage even fading.